Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Good Neighbor Agreement with a Sex Club!

December 30, 2015
Happy New Year to all neighbors in the New Chinatown Japantown Historical District!

As reported in the October Board Meeting minutes of the Old Town Chinatown Community Association (OTCT CA), the comments of Helen Ying, Chair:

"...Helen also reported that there is neighborhood pushback about the strip club going into the prior Fong Chong restaurant space. A Good Neighbor Agreement is being pursued."

More on the who and what of the Good Neighbor Agreement process. A clarification of the term, neighbor: 

It seems that the movement to recognize Corporations as persons is alive and well here in Portland as the OTCT CA leadership, with the exception of one person, represent member organizations and present themselves as representing residents before City Commissioners, city boards and bureaus. 

P.S. The next general meeting of the OTCT CA is the first Wednesday of the Month.