Good Neighborhood Agreement Process

The Process

• It is important to have a person(s) lead this process by: ─ Talking to the stakeholders to understand their concerns, ─ Communicating those concerns to the business, ─ Coordinating a meeting that brings all of the parties together, ─ Facilitating the GNA meeting.

The lead person may be a neighborhood representative, stakeholder, professional facilitator, or a Crime Prevention Coordinator.

If your concerns involve safety and livability, you can contact your Crime Prevention Coordinator for assistance. Call 503-823-4000 and ask for the coordinator who supports your area. •

At the GNA meeting, the business will listen to neighbor concerns and the group will discuss ideas for how problems may be avoided. The business will determine what will work in the operations of their business. A draft of the agreement may be prepared for this meeting.

The facilitator will create a draft or update an existing version following the first meeting. The group will continue to meet until the final draft is completed and accepted by the business, stakeholders, and neighbors. • The stakeholders, neighbors, and the business all sign off on the agreement.

The group agrees on a time to meet to review the document i.e. six months or a year out.

Office of Neighborhood Involvement

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