Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Railing Deters Street Camping

This building is on NW 4th Avenue at Davis Street in the New Chinatown Japantown Historic District in the Old Town section of Portland, Oregon.  This property, long vacant with broken jagged windows, now has a second floor tenant, after the building was repaired and upgraded, but the first floor remains empty.  A railing was added by the landowner to deter camping and street gatherings under the portico especially useful during winter rains and very hot summer days.

February 2017, Ruth Ann Barrett, PDXdowntowner on YouTube and Twitter

A Picture Worth a 1,000 words of Thanks

Old Town in Portland, Oregon features several historic districts, and is knowns as the "entertainment" district and home to skid row. While there are homeless folks in our neighborhood, much of the street life and camping is not about them, but about seriously ill and often addicted street people.