Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fong Chong Exotic Club Or Is It Now The After Party Strip Club

October 7, 2017


The status of the Fong Chong building which has remained vacant is unknown. This notice has been posted on the window - The After Party Strip Club.

The website is a page on Facebook.  There is a telephone number 971.226.3279, but no other contact information.  We will update this page as we come to understand if this is somebody's idea of a pop-up, a retail favorite among the Portland Business Alliance real estate professionals. 

Here is a link to the overview I prepared in November of 2015 of Sex Oriented Businesses or SOBs.

October 14, 2015, The Chinatown Japantown Neighbors Association (CJNA) with PDXDowntowner

Coming to NW 4th Ave. & Everett, Portland, Oregon?

So successful is the Golden Dragon Exotic Club on SW 3rd Ave. that the owners of Fong Chong restaurant have leased their property to individual(s) who are setting up a very similar,  no-booze (for now) strip club for 18 to 21 year olds. Hours 6PM to 6AM and beyond. Read all about it in today's Willamette Weekly (story by Lisa Dunn) and visit our page on Facebook.  

We believe the conversion of Chinese restaurant properties to strip clubs is a trend that challenges intentions to develop the New Chinatown Japantown Historical District.

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Download our position paper on SOBs in PDX.  We did not make the SOB part up. Sex Clubs are referred to as Sex Oriented Businesses.

Just imagine...

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