Thursday, May 11, 2017

Update to Unsafe

As to safety, a person was assaulted and stabbed multiple times within the lobby of our building on May 8th.

Jacob Pedro Shroyer suffered traumatic injuries and remains in serious condition at a local hospital.

We have moved from the neighborhood to the lobby in facing just how unsafe we really are. It happened in the evening and no one knows the why of it.  Here is the OregonLive story.  We are all holding Jakob Pedro Shroyer's recovery in our hearts. There is a fundraiser for Jakob here.

I have been writing about the drug traffic and camping on our street and circulated the latest statistics available from  For the last several years there were no crime statistics available. I found first person accounts were minimized and branded as anecdotal.  Residents receive suburban style advice to report, to report, to report, etc. etc. etc.  As drug traffic is a daily, ever expanding situation as is camping one has to wonder what will it take to have our elected officials be accountable to us for a change and stop with the excuses.

As mentioned in today's post on camping we are in what is called a Clean and Safe District. It is not clean nor safe.  There will be a meeting in our building on May 17th at 6:30 addressing safety. THAT ought to be interesting. Will report back. So far I feel as if I have been whistling in the wind.

Download crime stats here.

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