Thursday, July 13, 2017

101Dogs Project for a Neighborhood Dogpark

PDXdowntowner, the citizen activist channel, is sponsoring a project to photograph 101 Dogs and their Caregivers as an opening to petitioning the mayor and commissioners for a dog park in our neighborhood, Old Town Chinatown here in Portland, Oregon. Our neighborhood is home to over 4,000 residents and another 6,000 employees or day timers who if they don't bring their dogs to work, love dogs.  Known as an "entertainment" district it is often overlooked as not only a commercial district, but a neighborhood with citizens from all walks of life and a lot of dogs (and cats).

Please visit us at our site at, meet some dogs and their caregivers then support this project by liking us on Facebook. You can also help out by following PDXdowntowner on Twitter and Instagram. They are dog channel as well.

And this is not all just for the dogs. We need a place for neighbors to meet one another and a dog park provides the context for important and necessary community building.

You may want to add your name to our sponsor list by emailing me. My email address is on the website. You will be listed on our site with a link to a personal and/or business Website.

Our first sponsor is entrepreneur John Black of Rainy Dog Walks who has been an inspiration to me and my source for all things dogs.

While your here visit his site as well. Like Rainy Days on Facebook.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Ruth Ann Barrett, PDXdowntowner, July 13, 2017, Portland, Oregon.

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